Label: XRCD24 Master Music

Nr. MXCD 99301

Producer: Jan-Eric Persson, Opus 3

Mastering: JVC XRCD 24 bit Super Analog

Microphones AKG C-24, C-426, Neumann U-89 and AKG C-414 B-TL-II, all tube console, Telefunken M-28C reel-to-reel with BASF SM-468 tapes

The Swedish Opus 3 specializes on acoustic recordings in natural ambience with no post-production and additional sound manipulation. This is an excellent CD to check if your system can recreate those natural ambiences in your listening room.




Recommended listening

The track 3 was recorded in an old stone church with long reverberation times. There is a lot of air in the recording - if you want you can try and track the pressurized air on its way from the instruments to the church's wall and back to the microphones. The big timpani drum in the rear should be reproduced with its full dynamics and retain its atack and position in the sound picture.

The track 4 features the full-bodied and pulsating tremolo of the Hammond B3 organ, as well as very clean and open sound of ride cymbals and the deep bass that should not sound boomy in your system.

The track 6 features a stunning clarinet solo. The instrument is recorded with a single microphone from 1.5m distance so it has great presence and live character - you can feel the air coming out from its body as well as the soft felt of the pads.

The track 11 is a simple string quartet which is recorded - contrary to standards - in a large concert hall with an unusually short reverb. The sound should remain clean with no shrills and no hardness. Even at high volumes you should not lose the fine microdynamics.


1. I Can't Get Started - Benny Waters

2. Where the Green Grass Grows - Eric Bibb

3. Vaquero - Tiny Island

4. Blues Opus 3 - Kjell Ohman

5. O Ango Tango - Cirrus

6. Comes Love - Swedish Jazz Kings

7. I Want Jesus to Walk With Me - Eric Bibb

8. Sanctus - Erik Westburg Vocal Ensemble

9. Orientale - Stockholm Guitar Trio

10. Overture to Carmen - Bizet

11. String Quartet No. 6 - Stenhammar

12. Bolero - Ravel