Label: InAkustik

Nr. INAK 9053CD

Producer: Wolfgang Michael Schmidt

Mastering: Brian Gardner, Bernie Grundman Mastering, DR9

Recorded at JK´s Mastermix

Warning! This is no children's birthday party. The record will be played at your own risk. Excessive levels may cause severe damage to loudspeakers.

This is what the sleeve notes on the Antolini's masterpiece say. I can only confirm that you'd better take them seriously.




Recommended listening

This is fierce drumming and strumming at its best. The original Knock Out was out on vinyl in 1979 and sold out quickly. The 2000 version was re-recorded completely to set the new standard in explosive transients and bass response. There is no choice for speakers' membranes as they are gripped by the merciless onslaught of rhythms and sounds. For example, Arabian Desert Groove is a duel of the drum kit and a grave-deep bass. You will not find here the full dynamics - however, 9dB is a good compromise to contain the weight and slam and highlight the transient information and details. Should you look for the music that chekcs bass extension, timing, articulation and tonal fidelity, this the ONE. Just take the warning seriously and do not play back it too loud if you value your window panes.


01. Sticks to Me (05:25)
02. Cha Cha Bonita (03:10)
03. Get Down! (02:20)
04. B4C (02:20)
05. Arabian Desert Groove (02:46)
06. Jungle Train (04:56)
07. Tandoorini's Nirvana (01:34)
08. Duwadjuwanadu (10:22)
09. Ayers Rock (02:53)
10. Jammin' (03:38)
11. Simple's the Best (03:54)
12. Godzilla's Birthday (03:17)
13. Take Ten (03:02)
14. Afrolini (02:38)
15. Big Bam Boo (03:02)
16. Another Three, Please (02:57)