GOLD NOTE Mediterraneo B-7


Analog sources

The Gold Note Mediterraneo is fully hand-made with typical Italian flair that is reflected in its 60mm curved plinth made of aged Italian Walnut which was chosen for its damping properties and rigidity. The curvature is not just aesthetics – it adds mass where necessary.

100% reference

Function and form

Ease of use

The Mediterraneo has electronic adjustment of speed (33/45) which remains stored in the turntable’s memory even when the device is unplugged. The platter, made from high stable acetal polymer, is belt driven, the aluminum pulley has an unusual hourglass shape to reduce any flutter.
The phono output is located at the slot in the base board so the cable connects vertically and saves the place behind the turntable which can be placed closer to a wall. Distance between the table and the shelf is secured via three conical feet. The top of the walnut is sandwiched with a 20mm acrylic board.

The reviewed sample featured superb ceramic-titanium tonearm. Should you wish to save 700€ Gold Note provides the option of an aluminum tonearm.

Bass management


The Mediterraneo presents very good bottom end that masterfully gels bass weight and its articulation. The balance does not bias to any side so the sound remains very neutral, yet powerful and rich. The Gold Note tends to caress rather than disturb a listener and the sound is very comfortable to ears. One could almost say that the Mediterraneo lacks explosiveness until… until London Symphony Orchestra blasts in a detonation that puts you at the edge of your listening seat (Ataulfo Argenta, LSO, Espaňa, ORG LP). The bass of the Mediterraneo is centered around 50-60Hz so it beautifully complements very resolved midrange.

Clarity & delicacy


Imperfect sound remains imperfect. INXS - Kick (Mercury) - are the proof of it. The Meditterraneo has not been built to beautify the truth so do not ask for it. On the contrary, near to perfect recordings, like Nat King Cole in Analogue Productions’ remaster, become perfect through the Mediterraneo. The string section’s sways create a perfect background for amazingly resolved vocals that comes out like a multifaceted diamond from a velvet box. The voice was so holographic that I remained completely paralyzed for a while. Drum brushes were a bit recessed and not so clearly delineated – the slight roll off on the top made the sound luxurious and unaggressive to ears.

Tonal accuracy

Temporal resolution

The Gold Note Mediterraneo is a kind of device that helps wash away daily accumulated stress and reprogram your mind to pure pleasure. The music is saturated, the colours are vivid and rich, the jazz piano (Oscar Peterson Trio, We Get Requests, Verve/AP LP) is firm and liquid.

Spatial resolution

Soundstage width
Soundstage depth

Julie Varady’s soprano in Die Fledermaus (Kleiber, Deutsche Gramophone) is the very power that can shatter a wine glass. It was easy to track the diva on the stage – not in a cinema fashion but in a real opera house fashion. You should be careful not to spoil the Mediterraneo’s imaging with other components in your audio chain. But if you succeed then the turntable will reconstruct the ambience of the recording venue with ease. The Gold Note Mediterraneo has the uncanny ability to refresh and envigorate at very reasonable money. Highly recommended.

Price as reviewed:170 000,- Kč

Recommended resellers

AudioRanny, Praha, tel. +420 777 003 134

Associated components

  • Turntable: B-7 Ceramic Titan tonearm
  • Cartridge: Tuscany Gold
  • Phono preamplifier: Phono PH-10
  • Phono cable: Gold Note Extra
  • Loudspeakers: Gold Note XS-85
  • Interconnects and speaker cables: Actinote Sonata, Actinote Aria, Gold Note Lucca Extra
  • Amplifiers: Gold Note P-1000 předzesilovač a PA-1175 koncový zesilovač


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GOLD NOTE Mediterraneo B-7

The Gold Note Mediterraneo is fully hand-made with typical Italian flair that is reflected in its 60mm curved plinth made of aged Italian Walnut which was chosen for its damping properties and rigidity. The curvature is not just ...

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