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The ‘SP’ letters in the designation of the Fyne Audio’s new stand-mounted loudspeakers refer to "Special Production". In practice it means an improved version of the stock F500 model. The F500SP is neither cheap nor big, yet it is such a good performer that it is a real deal.

100% reference

Funkce a forma


I have recently reviewed the Fyne Audio F501 floorstanders that belong to the same family, and I am not going to describe the construction details again. Instead, I will focus on the differences between the F500SP and the F500.

The upgrade is not small by any means – it seems that only the fiber boards remained untouched, for the drivers, the crossover, the wires, and the plinth were adopted from the Fyne Audio’s 700 line-up. The 1” magnesium tweeter sits in the center of a 15-centimeter midrange cone, altogether representing what Fyne Audio calls an “IsoFlare system”. For the F500SP the tweeter’s waveguide was redesigned. The plinth of the speaker serves as a 360° diffuser, into which a bass-reflex port opens. The plinth is attached to the cabinet by four aluminum feet. The crossover in the SP version employs premium parts and the internal cabling is silver-plated pure copper Van den Hul. Fyne Audio facelifted the company logo too – the laser-cut letters were replaced by a round badge. I preferred the original version, though. The bi-wireable terminals are of a premium quality too, the midrange driver’s chassis can be grounded via a grounding post on the speaker terminal plate.

The Fyne Audio F500SP are specified 8-ohms, 90db, 42Hz – 34kHz (-6dB). I like these numbers which are above the average for a stand-mounted loudspeaker. I do not think the F500SP are difficult to drive, yet (and I will mention it once again at the end of this review) they will really appreciate as good amplifier as you can afford.

Nízké frekvence


I must admit that I enjoyed the time spent with the Fyne Audio F501, the biggest sisters of the F500SP. Although they were not perfect (which loudspeaker is?) they built on their strengths and smartly alleviated all weaknesses, which resulted in a mesmerizing lively sound, wide and deep and transparent soundstage, and did a magic with voices. The small F500SP may miss the bass bloom of the F501, yet the upgraded elements are easy heard in the upgraded sound.

The music flows through the F500SP, it pulses, swirls, and boils, it just is. Especially with the rhythmic material, like Navvie of Lunatic Soul, I found my feet tapping and my hand air-guitaring. It is the emotional part of music where the F500SP excel. And isn’t the emotional part what separates great loudspeakers from average ones? Isn’t it the goal of high-end? Yes, the high-end, because for my ears the F500SP crossed the line between consumer electronics and elite speakers. This line is a moving one, after all. Some 15 years ago, be the Fyne Audio F500SP on the market, they would easily become überreferenzspitzenklasse in any German hi-fi magazine.

Čistota rozlišení


The voices were beautiful through the F500SP. I would say they were even more beautiful than through the F501, probably thanks to all the upgrades.  The textures of the F500SP were finer and more specific, not unlike the best beryllium and diamond drivers can only deliver. The sound was firm and palpable, and when abrasive guitars joint the mix (I refer to Lunatic Soul again), I could savor the high resolution without any grain or shrill, yet the guitars were raw and metallic, no matter how loud I played the track.

Tonální věrnost


Depending on how successful the integration of the F500SP in your listening space is, you can enjoy either relaxed, clear and precise sound, or brutally articulated sonic picture a hair can be heard falling to the floor during a soloist performance. In this – and I mean the requirement for careful room integration - they can hold hands with the F501. One other interesting thing is that you get the same level of transparency from the Fyne Audio F500SP no matter whether you listen at soft or high volume levels. Even at -70dB (on the display of the connected Accuphase integrated amplifier), which is the volume level you'd use when listening at midnight in a nursing home, or at home with extremely hateful neighbors, Alison Krauss' Down by The River to Pray was absolutely vivid and detailed. That's not a common thing, and there aren't many loudspeakers that can do that.


Šířka scény
Hloubka scény

The Hammond organ is one of the remarkable 20th century inventions in the field of music. The sound is a result of harmonic synthesis of sinus waves, that are generated by mechanic tonewheels rotating in electromagnetic fields. The organ is usually used with the Leslie speaker and has the characteristic vibrato sound, so much loved by the psychedelic rock bands of 60s, like Yes, Pink Floyd, and Deep Purple. The Hammond organ at its best is recorded on the album of Barbara Dennerlein, a German keyboardist, and the F500SP let me hear its hilarious colors. The sound was liquid and analogue, and totally enticing.
The credit for what I heard went, of course, to the cooperating amplifier, which - by all conventional standards - was not "an adequate match" to the Fyne Audio F500SP. However, I maintain that only what is in the listener's ears is adequate. So don't be misguided by someone else’s standards, and if you decide to acquire any speaker from the Fyne Audio's 500 series, partner it with the best amplifier you can afford. Regardless of price.

Clearly, deep bass does not reside in the F500SP. The bass-reflex cabinet, tuned to 53Hz, won’t let you go deep too much (although the room helps) – that’s why the electric bass in Charlie Antolini's Jammin' (Knock Out 2000, InAkustik) was short of volume and substance. On the other hand, there are plenty of loudspeakers that, while they certainly have the bass volume, don't come close to the little Fyne Audio in the midrange and highs. So, the recommendation is clear - get a subwoofer or two or three, blend it well with the speakers, and you will have a reason to smile as I can guarantee that the resulting sound will be brilliant.

Cena v době recenze:44 000,- Kč

Doporučení prodejci

Perfect Sound Group, Praha, tel. +420 722 960 690

Připojené komponenty

  • Sources: xDuoo XT10T II, Musical Fidelity M6scd (DAC)
  • Amplifiers:  Accuphase E-5000
  • Interconnects and speaker cables: AAI Maestoso, InAkustik Toslink
  • Loudspeakers: Fyne Audio F501, Fyne Audio F500SP, Fyne Audio F1-5
  • Power conditioning: Nordost Qb8, Nordost Valhalla V2, Nordost Frey, IsoTek Extreme


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