CHARIO Constellation Cygnus


Floorstanding loudspeakers

When I set my eyes on the Constellation Cygnus for the first time I wanted to exclaim 'what a beautiful walnut veneer!'. Only later I learnt that the use of veneer would degrade the work of art of Chario: the panels of the Cygnus are milled from slabs of real walnut wood. No need to say that these speakers arrived from Italy.


Function and form

Ease of use

The walnut is combined with the strip of sprayed suede-like structural paint that runs from the back to the front baffle. You need to touch the cabinets to feel the difference - the Constellation Cygnus is not your usual speaker.  The sprayed suede covers MDF boards that are used for their better damping properties.

The binding posts (no bi-wiring here) are quite far from the floor, 80cm, so future owner's wallet will get thinner by additional amount that needs to be paid for extra lengths of speaker cables. But for those who replace a stand mount speaker there is no change, of course. Also, the Cosntellation Cygnus are quite lightweight with only 17kg, so the too high fitted terminals have tendency to knock the cabinets over with heavier speaker cables.

The Cygnus is a 3-way speaker with a reflex port. The 13cm woofer is mounted to the bottom of the cabinet and fires to the floor. The midrange shares with the woofer the cellulose cone. The tweeter of the Chario sits in the center of a small waveguide. It is cooled by an aluminum heatsink and filtered by the 4th order crossover that Chario uses ti improve the dispersion of the speakers. The crossover frequency is quite low, 1500Hz, where most competitors use 2.5-3kHz.

Bass management


The bass of the Constellation Cygnus sharply rolls off below 50Hz - these speakers are akin to monitors in the frequency range - so I recommend to use a good subwoofer. With the auto-calibrated Velodyne SPL-100 Ultra subwoofer the music got completely different flavour. A double bass that was somewhat thin and body-less through the Chario became nicely rounded and full through the Chario/Velodyne combo. Don't be afraid of subwoofers in high end stereo applications - if properly set up they do miracles (see our articles elsewhere on the Audiodrom).

Clarity & delicacy


Not only the bass of the Constellation Cygnus is monitor-like. They react fast so their tranzient response makes adrenalin rush in blood. Small bongo and djembe drums  were wonderfully outlined and utterly dynamic. The sound does not suffer from temporal delays and it was spit on me with speed of light in a stop-start motion. With some speakers the sound as if was glued to cones by honey - it takes ages before it starts to travel. Not here, the speed was unbelievable. I loved percussive music through the Charios therefore. Even with the Velodyne The sound did not slow down, it just became more mature and denser.

Tonal accuracy

Temporal resolution

As much as I liked the speed and clarity of the Constellation Cygnus, I had some doubts about their tonal accuracy. It may be because their thinner voicing - the instruments were a bit colourless, missing the timbres. I used Primare components to drive the Charios and I know that they are as fast and accurate as the Charios, but they do not miss the weight and colour. So perhaps a bit warmer sounding amp can be appropriate to let the Constellation Cygnus sing.

Spatial resolution

Soundstage width
Soundstage depth

Verdi's Nabucco for Chesky Records was recorded in Austrian Linz (Brucknerhaus). Because it was necessary to record the whole orchestra in a minimalistic microphone set up, big platforms for orchestra and choirs were added to the side of the regular stage. The resulting soundstage should reflect this quite complicated spatial arrangmenet in not only horizontal plane but also in the vertical one. The Chario Constellation Cygnus surprised me how capable they were in reconstructing this type of soundstage. No, they could not recreate the scale, but they were capable of great inner resolution and focus and let no room for spatial ambiguity.

Price as reviewed:58 000,- Kč

Recommended resellers

High-End Audio Studio, Belgická 4, Praha, tel. +420 224 256 844

Associated components

  • Sources: Primare CD32, Pathos Endorphin
  • Amplifiers: Primare i32, Pathos Logos
  • Interconnects and speaker cables: Krautwire Fractal, Homegrown Audio DNA, CrystalConnect Piccolo, Telos Black Reference
  • Power conditioning: Nordost Thor (modified), Nordost Valhalla, Block Snakeblock
  • Subwoofer: Velodyne SPL-1000 Ultra



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