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This cable starts to build its sonic capabilities from mid-range, which is always more than welcome. That´s the reason for its great musical depth, sound palpability and smooth performance. It virtually surfs on musical waves with very enticing effortlessness and liquidity.

Funkce a forma


The cable’s conductors are OFC stranded wires coated with silver and combined (hence the ´hybrid´construction) with the VDH’ s proprietary Linear Structured Carbon technology – for details please check our VDH The Orchid review. The effective cross-section area of individual neutral and hot leads is about 1.7mm2, which is quite modest in comparision with some other constructions on the market, however, Van den Hul points out the importance of a very low series resistance as a crucial element for achieving good performance.

Nízké frekvence


The built-in filtering ability of The Mainsserver is said not to exhibit any current delivery limitations as there is series impedance absent in its AC current path. Therefore we should not theoretically suffer from sluggish response or dynamic compression when using The Mainsserver. It is important to say, that, as with most other power cord designs, VDH does not sell lenghts below 1.5m to ensure proper noise suppression behaviour.

Čistota rozlišení


Visually the Mainsserver is not the type of thing that you would buy impulsively, just by seeing it at a dealer. It is not particularly thick, despite its golden colour the sheath looks very plastic and its pale greyish connectors do not exhibit anything that could be considered as ´audiophile´. Yet, after sonically struggling with many entry-level cables, the Van den Hul The Mainsserver did prove itself to be an audiophile power cable.

Tonální věrnost


Actually, when we used The Mainsserver between the GigaWatt PF-2 power strip and the IEC inlets of our amplifiers we were amazed by the difference it made. While on previous instances (that is with the other cables in the entry-level category) the differences were often subtle, with the VDH it was like an upgrade of a component by one level up.

Borrowing and reformulating a bit a few sentences from our power cord test we observed that, quoting “ Emotionally the Van Den Hul was able to draw intimate fragility of both Rebecca Pidgeon and Jacintha’s voices in such a good manner, that it was difficult to concentrate on our jobs, that is a review. Overall sound of The Mainsserver is on a sweeter, darker and soothing side but don’t be mistaken: those analogue-like qualities are hand in hand with precise imaging, good to great ambience (though it is not apparent right away and you have to listen for it) and capability of delivering textures of voices and instruments. The midrange is where the VDH is very good and despite the soloists were a bit recessed in the soundstage their voices were always delicately hovering in our listening rooms with great palpability. The gap between other cords in the entry-level group and the Van Den Hul increased even more when we were listening to male and female choirs of Carl Orff that were exchanging their parts over a wide and deep soundstage (reaching far away beyond right or left speaker) and it was for the first time [in the power cable test, Ed.] when we were able to pick out individual voices from the choir. It was very refreshing to hear that there is a cable for such a low price which is able to keep pace with our picky power amplifiers.”


Šířka scény
Hloubka scény

You see that we got really excited about this ´ugly duckling´. Maybe it is due to the promoted ´no current limitations´abilities, maybe it is just about superb interaction between The Mainsserver and our power amplifiers, but it was possible to really feel the power flowing through the wire – the power which was both unrestricted and under control. Let us openly say that the above words of praise are valid only within the limits of the VDH´s price category and the performance cannot be mixed up with that of twice as expensive products. Let us also say that The Mainsserver is not a neutral cable – if you search for something such ephemeral like ´neutrality´, rather give a try to either LessLoss´s DFPC Mini or Krautwire´s Orbit C. Instead, the VDH provided us with heartfelt musical emotions.

Despite being such a good performer on amplifiers, we were a bit dissapointed when The Mainsserver was used on CD players. Here, it was perhaps too silky and the music seemed to be tamed way too much. On the other hand, we tried to match it with some of the finest digital front-ends available – for standard CD players the extra silkiness and smoothness could be more than welcome and the Van Den Hul The Mainsserver may become the ultimate fix you’ll need.

[This review is a part of our extensive POWER UP! power cord megatest. For other valuable information, competitors,and lists of recordings and equipment that was used we recommend to check the full article here.]

Cena v době recenze:3 250,- Kč

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High-End Audio Studio, Praha, tel. +420 224 256 844

Připojené komponenty

  • Sources: Accuphase DP-78, Linn Unidisk 1.1
  • Amplifiers: Accuphase A-60, Spectral DMA-150
  • Interconnects and speaker cables: Krautwire Fractal, Homegrown Audio DNA, MIT MA-X and MIT MA
  • Loudspeakers: Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 8, Audio Physic Virgo V
  • Power conditoning: Nordost Thor (modified), Nordost Valhalla, GigaWatt PF-2 with GigaWatt LC-2 power cord


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