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To conclude I can only reconfirm that Luxman have made a quantum leap with the new generation models. The difference between its top amplifiers is rather the one in sonic character – the M-900u is closer to the previous Luxman’s class A sound, the M-700u is closer to class AB, irrespective that both are actually class AB amps. Yet both represent great value for money and a hot tip of the season.


Funkce a forma


The Luxman M-700u delivers 2 x 210 watts of power into 4 ohms (2 x 120 W into 8 ohms). As usual with Luxman the value is the guaranteed value of continuous power so the actual peak power values are much higher than that, unlike many competitors that look powerful on paper by stating the idealized peak power but clipping very soon due to inability to adapt to impedance curves of speakers. Yet, if you reach for extremely dynamic program material, you can drive the M-700u near its limits. Listening to the Rachmaninov’s Symphonic Dances (Eiji Oue, Reference Recordings) the VU meters started to reside in the red part of their range. I could not detect any signs of compression or strain yet in bigger rooms or with less sensitive speakers one needs to check first that the M-700u will suffice – if not then the M-900u is still the option. I also have another alternative solution for you, just go on reading.

Nízké frekvence


Listening to John Campbell’s Down in The Hole from Dali CD sampler makes me always and reliably sad. The great electric bass boogie, remade from Waits’original, received immaculate mastering on the sampler – much better than the original disc from Elektra. Campbell makes great music so I would like to have more songs in this mastering version but I have to stay with Elektra release. The new Luxmans made the difference between the two CD versions even more apparent. The M-700u is a great bass performer, it can reach deep with control and poise. The Revel Ultima Studio2 that I used were not sensitivity champions so I expected some stress in the power peaks – there were none, the Luxmans kept rolling.

The 700-u’s can play great right out of their boxes but when they get warm the sound yet improves. Up to 6W the M-700u works in Class A which ensures the cooler fins, hidden within its casework, glow hot. The M-700u ventilates only through the machined grilled slots in its upper lid so make sure that there is enough room above it to dissipate the heat. Compared to the 900-u’s I found two operating differences – the new Luxmans are more sensitive to tone controls and more sensitive to the load, that is to the loudspeakers used.

Čistota rozlišení


In stereo the 700’s were to my ears a bit more analytical than 900’s. Their sound is less saturated so the sound has more light in it a spectrally prefers instrumental transients to fundamentals. The C-900u/M-900u combo was more organic, richer and complex. I believe that the C-700u/M-700u should be a great partner wherever extra light is required – like with some silk dome speakers that usually roll out pretty soon in top octave.

The M-700u provides the option of what Luxman calls the “BTL” mode – dual mono in other words. In the BTL the power doubles to 420W per channel. The problem was that two power amps had not been available – therefore I used only one speaker to rewire it and connect it to the mono amp (you need to use two separate speaker cables to do it). It represented not a big problem as I was not evaluating soundstage but the speaker handling capabilities. The extra power in the BTL easily leads to superior sound that is more authoritative and dynamic. In fact the attack of the orchestra in Symphonic Dances peaked into massive orchestral slam that rattled all windows in neighborhood.

Tonální věrnost


It surprised me how good were the Luxmans with hard hitting dance electronica. Front Line Assembly’s single Shifting Through The Lens is industrial mayhem with deep pumping beat and whirlwind of tormented electronic circuits and it was great through the C-700u and M-700u. Though not really synthesized, the duo of acoustic guitars of Rodrigo y Gabriela (11:11) is not less punishing. Have I hardly ever heard the guitars to be so present in my listening room – this the living evidence of why spending a lot of money on high end stuff becomes so easy. The sound was so precise and pristine from the necks of both guitars down to their holes as if your ears were tracking the strings instead of a microphone. The details of fingers or guitar picks were absolutely stunning.


Šířka scény
Hloubka scény

The progress that the new “M” line of Luxman have made is apparent even within its own catalogue. As much as I liked the sound of the Luxman L-550AX integrated I have to admit that the amplifier separates are in a totally different league. The direct comparison shows superiority of the C-700u and M-700u: the soundstage explodes laterally and in depth, microdynamics are supercharged and artists regain their passion. If you are a Luxman’s devotee plus budget short you should consider not to audition the newcomers otherwise you risk sleepless nights.

Cena v době recenze:219 000,- Kč

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Připojené komponenty

  • Sources: Luxman D-05, Luxman DAC DA-06
  • Amplifiers: Luxman C-700u, Luxman M-700u, Accuphase E-600
  • Interconnects and speakers cables: Atohm ZEF max
  • Loudspeakers: Revel Ultima Studio2



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